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Who we are

Simply Superior Consulting

We have worked together for 20+ years and share a passion for leadership and organizational development. We have spent our professional lives working with people and a variety of organizations. We have assisted businesses and non-profit organizations alike in moving forward.

We are committed to helping businesses, organizations, and individuals reach their full potential

We Specialize In

Growing leaders, businesses, and organizations

Leadership and Organization Development is our passion!

Progressive companies and organizations believe in and practice a leadership philosophy that empowers, engages, and develops the people they employ. To accomplish this training and development has to be incorporated into the senior, mid-level, and emerging leadership levels. 

Equally important, leaders understand that employees/members need to be engaged “in the business of the business.” They build strong, effective and motivated teams. They involve their people in planning and decision making. They regularly demonstrate the degree to which their people are valued. 

Leaders of forward thinking businesses and organizations realize that their most important asset is their people, and they continuously invest in them.

New to our Service Offering

New! The Manager Matters Most

Managers are the people who interact and work daily with every member of your team. More than anyone else in your organization they are responsible for forming productive teams, building commitment, inspiring great performance…

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New! Bringing Happiness to Life

Why should you be concerned if your employees are happy? Happy people live better lives, are more content in the workplace, and contribute to positive work cultures.

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Our Signature Engagements Include

03. Strategic Planning that Engages and Excites!

Is it time to control events rather than letting events control you? How much longer can you afford “business as usual?” Deciding to stay the same in today’s world, where change is not only rapid but accelerating, is really a decision to fall behind.

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04. Skillful Facilitating

Having an outside facilitator frees up all members of a group or organization to be participants and changes the “business as usual” dynamic. We have facilitated hundreds of meetings and we have the expertise required to make your meeting or discussion a productive one. 

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We Also Offer

Personalized Consulting

Customized, Innovative, Results Oriented. At Simply Superior Consulting we take pride in our effort to get to know your unique business or organization and the environment in which it operates. 

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Cultivating Workplace Culture

Discussions on workplace culture are front and center for organizations committed to long-term success and deservedly so. Attracting and keeping talent is essential for a business’s success.

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