Strategic Planning that Engages and Excites!

Is it time to control events rather than letting events control you? How much longer can you afford “business as usual?” Deciding to stay the same in today’s world, where change is not only rapid but accelerating, is really a decision to fall behind. The climate today is filled with opportunities—but only for forward-thinking businesses and organizations.

We take a unique, positive approach to strategic planning that can involve leadership, employees, members, clients, customers, volunteers, and stakeholders in an energizing, engaging series of exercises that builds on the assets of your business or organization while managing the weaknesses. This results in:

  • A bold, innovative plan that is achievable and will have an impact.
  • Employees/stakeholders who are committed and supportive of a plan they helped create.
  • A plan that will distinguish your business or organization.
  • A renewed sense of energy, excitement and enthusiasm within your business or organization.

Let’s talk if you are ready for a different approach to strategic planning.



“It was truly a pleasure working with Dave and Rachel of Simply Superior Consulting. In guiding United Way through its strategic planning process this past fall, they were professional throughout the process, proficient at every stage and incredibly pleasant to everyone from the beginning to the end. As a result, United Way now has a very comprehensive Strategic Plan that will guide it into the next several years. We highly recommend their services to everyone.”

United Way of Marquette County Board & Staff