Case Study

Simply Superior Consulting +
Vast Insurance

VAST is an excellent insurance company where the leadership cares deeply about their 50+ employees. VAST recently acquired another company in a merger and also has several relatively new hires. VAST’s leadership asked Simply Superior Consulting to plan a year-long engagement that would strengthen their teams and enhance their already positive culture.


We customized our Teams to the Extreme: Building a Strength-Based Organization series of engagements to meet the unique VAST characteristics. This resulted in three engagements with each of VAST’s five teams and a concluding day-long engagement with the full VAST team.

Simply Superior Results

“The feedback we received, along with what we observed and have experienced, was beyond our expectations. There is nothing we take more pride in than our “culture.” Employee engagement is critical for our continued success. Dave and Rachel made a significant impact on our culture here at VAST. We will look to continue to work with them in the years ahead”

Chris VanAbel & Scott White

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