February 5, 2019

On Workplace Cultures and Coral Reefs

Workplace cultures and coral reefs have much in common. First and foremost, both are incredibly valuable and have much to contribute. Healthy coral reefs are homes to a million diverse aquatic species and provide the foundation for much of the ocean life. Similarly, healthy workplace culture has the ability to provide a home and assimilate diverse employees that bring multiple talents, strengths, viewpoints, and ideas to the fore. Although diverse, the workplace culture binds them together with a common mission, vision, values, and an energizing, positive work environment.    Coral reefs are constructed from the contributions of millions of coral … Learn More

October 4, 2017

All Hands on Deck: Empowering Employees in a Time of Accelerating Change

What if an employee, regardless of job title, was positioned to make a suggestion that improved efficiency or added to the bottom line? What if she had an innovative idea that led to a critical strategic direction? What if she had the ability to provide needed leadership? What if she could transform a ho-hum monthly newsletter into an interesting, much needed communication vehicle? What if you could form a higher-functioning team based on your knowledge of each team members talents, skills, and knowledge? What if his or her talent was never recognized and an opportunity was never made available to bring … Learn More

February 25, 2017

Why Momentum Matters

“If you’re not going forward, you’re going backwards.” Leaders of most businesses and organizations are well aware that moving forward is essential for continued success. “Staying the same” is seldom an option. The ever-changing environment within which businesses and organizations operate demands constantly being prepared to change, adapt and innovate- what works well in the present time can erode quickly due to rapidly changing circumstances and developments. While most businesses and organizations are aware of the immediate, obvious, bottom-line impact from leaning forward there are also some not so obvious positive benefits from maintaining positive momentum, including:    A motivating … Learn More

January 11, 2017

Finding and Keeping a Talented Workforce: Challenging But Not Impossible

An increasingly common refrain is that attracting capable, talented, and committed employees is becoming ever more difficult. Equally challenging, according to many, is keeping valuable employees for the long haul. A common misconception is that the answer begins and ends with compensation. While fair and equitable salary and benefits are an important foundation, a number of other factors are critical. Most people spend 1/4 to 1/3 of their lives working- and the majority of them want work to provide them with considerably more than a paycheck. These things matter: A positive work environment and culture. The quality of a workplace … Learn More

May 3, 2016

From Customer Service to Customer Experience

An emerging imperative for forward thinking businesses is to move beyond customer service to the customer experience. What is it and why is this occurring? What is the customer experience? The customer experience is all about providing a positive, enjoyable, and yes, even joyful experience for customers and potential customers at every touchpoint with a company. Any one of your company’s several touchpoints can be the first experience for a potential new customer. Similarly, current customers often come into contact with a touchpoint they have not experienced previously and it either confirms or questions their loyalty. What are a company’s … Learn More

January 5, 2016

For a More Positive, Productive Workforce

Forward thinking businesses are investing more in their employees- and experiencing greater productivity, better performance, and increased loyalty. We can help make this happen! Developing Successful Mid-Level Leaders In many businesses and organizations individuals filling mid-level leadership positions are employees who have proven to be excellent in entry-level jobs and are rewarded with a promotion. A challenge for most of them is the lack of leadership experience. Compounding this lack of experience is the unique challenge these new leaders face by literally being “in the middle” between upper management expectations and being charged with accomplishing the company or organization goals … Learn More

November 19, 2014

Making Student Affairs Matter in the Curricular World

A question that those who have or are currently working in the Student Affairs profession need to answer is this: why is it so difficult convincing the rest of the academy of the value and worth of the student development programs on campus? Those in the profession are well aware of the impact their programs have on students. Through extracurricular and co-curricular participation students are developing some of the most sought after skills and abilities employers are looking for- leadership acumen, experience working in teams, an ability to work with diverse groups, initiative, creativity, ingenuity, effective communication skills, self-efficacy and … Learn More

August 7, 2014

4 Ways to Get People Powered Results

1. Passion & Purpose: Underpinnings of Great Customer Service By 2020, the customer experience will overtake price and product as the key brand differentiator. 70% of buying experiences are based on how customers feel they are treated. Can you afford to not be doing more with customer service? Great service comes from the heart – from employees who bring passion, purpose, and a sense of ethics to every interaction. We can help your employees understand the WHY of customer service as well as the “how to’s.”   2. Teamwork = Teams that Work! The strength of the team is each … Learn More