January 5, 2016

For a More Positive, Productive Workforce

Forward thinking businesses are investing more in their employees- and experiencing greater productivity, better performance, and increased loyalty. We can help make this happen!

Developing Successful Mid-Level Leaders

In many businesses and organizations individuals filling mid-level leadership positions are employees who have proven to be excellent in entry-level jobs and are rewarded with a promotion. A challenge for most of them is the lack of leadership experience. Compounding this lack of experience is the unique challenge these new leaders face by literally being “in the middle” between upper management expectations and being charged with accomplishing the company or organization goals by leading and motivating the employees who are the “boots on the ground.” In our sessions we will explore ways in which new managers can “lead and succeed” sooner rather than later.

Bridging the Great Communication Divide

Businesses and organization today face challenges communicating with team members and the general public never before experienced. There are currently four distinct generations of workers actively engaged in the workplace, each with preferred means of communicating. This, when combined with the growing means of communicating information makes communication expertise and strategies primary concerns. Our highly interactive workshop will acquaint your employees with the generational communication differences and the best ways for communicating effectively with them.

Making Work Matter

People spend 1/4 to 1/3 of their lives working. Work can be, or should be, one of the primary signatures people place upon who they are and what they contribute. Because of this, finding meaning in work is or should be a primary goal for both employees and those who manage them. Employees who understand and appreciate the deeper purpose behind their work bring a heightened sense of passion, commitment and excellence to their job. This, of course, translates into employees who take pride in their performance, are more productive, and have a greater sense of loyalty to their company or organization. During this highly interactive session we will help employees get in touch with the greater purpose behind their jobs and the way in which it benefits their company, their customers, and in a way too often overlooked- themselves.

Strategic Planning That Engages & Energizes

We are experienced in facilitating a strategic planning process that is energizing, engaging, highly productive, and forward- thinking. Our approach to strategic planning involves staff and employees at every level, builds commitment, and generates enthusiasm for a plan that is bold, imaginative, exciting, and achievable.  We will facilitate a planning process for your business or organization that results in a plan that is front and center in guiding decisions and priorities well into the future.