Clifton Strengths and DISC: Powerful Assessments for Positive Results

We are trainers and coaches for two assessment tools that provide insight, knowledge, and positive affirmation for employees along with a better understanding of team member’s strengths and preferred approaches to accomplishing work.

Clifton Strengths acquaints team members with their personal strengths, and through a variety of exercises, those of other team members. When employees work in their strength zones they are happier, more productive, and able to contribute to team efforts with their best self.

The DISC assessment reveals team member’s preferences for communicating, leading, accomplishing work, and contributing to a team. This results in enhanced performance for both individuals and teams.
Both of these assessments result in personal awareness and growth. Related exercises provide quality interactions between and increased knowledge of team members. This contributes significantly to an enhanced work culture.

We can offer both the Clifton Strengths and the DISC assessments in combination with several of our engagements or as stand-alone experiences.