Bridging the Great Communication Divide

Communication works for those who work at it.
– John Powell

Communicating effectively and frequently is vital to the success of businesses and organizations. When employees are “in the know” they are much more likely to feel connected and engaged with the success of a business or organization. Timely and transparent communication with employees increases the productivity and quality of work.

Businesses and organizations face challenges like never before when communicating with team members. There are currently four distinct generations of workers in the workplace, each with preferred means of communicating. An emerging challenge is the exploding number of employees who are working remotely in dispersed locations. 

In this highly interactive engagement, we will:

  • Share information and lead a discussion on the generational communication differences and preferences.
  • Share information and lead a discussion on the most effective ways of keeping remote workers “in the loop.”
  • Lead a discussion on the most effective ways to communicate within your particular business or organization, resulting in a communication plan that can be implemented immediately.

Effective communication today requires commitment, expertise and a new and innovative strategy. Is it time to revisit how and when communication occurs in your company or organization?