Would You Like to Work Here? Finding and Keeping Talented Employees.

Organizational culture comes down to “how we do things around here.”

Workplace culture has become front and center for organizations committed to long-term success and deservedly so. Attracting and keeping talent is essential for success. To the emerging young professional majority, the quality of the workplace environment is a major consideration in choosing a company- and it has everything to do with whether they stay for the long-term.

While positive messaging to potential job candidates is critical, it must be backed up by the experience that current employees are having and what prospective team members can expect if they on-board with your company or organization. In short, job-seekers are assessing your culture and determining whether it is a good fit for them.

An essential practice in a workplace culture that attracts and retains talented employees is aligning their strengths with job responsibilities where they have the opportunity to do what they do best. We can help with this process.

In multiple engagements, we will help you assess your current culture, identify the factors and unique actions your business or organization can take to develop and maintain a distinguishing work culture, and strategize what needs to happen to make this ideal culture a reality.

After addressing culture we will then assist you in crafting specific strategies for promoting the benefits of employment with your company to targeted audiences.

A testimonial…

During 2018 Simply Superior Consulting worked with VAST, an already excellent company, on four key areas: Culture, Teams. Commitment, and Engagement. On a recent Incite Employee Engagement Survey two of the many related questions were:

“There is a strong spirit of teamwork and cooperation within my department.”  Positive increase of .5 on a 5-point scale.

“I feel valued and recognized for the work that I do.”  Positive increase of .8 on a 5-point scale.

Overall: All 44 survey items experienced a positive increase. The cumulative agency score had a .5 increase on a 5-point scale- one of the highest in the industry.