Strength-Based Teams: The Backbone of Successful Post-Pandemic Businesses

“Strengths-based teams: A group of imperfect but talented individuals valued for their strengths, who need one another for individual and team excellence”

According to Gallup, when individuals know their strengths as well as those of their team members it leads to higher engagement and performance- 24% less turnover, 17% more productivity, and 21% higher profitability.

Excellent teams can be developed in any work environment by identifying and leveraging the personal strengths of team members. We can do this with your team.

Teams are formed and grow in effectiveness over a period of time. Our multi-engagement team development approach spans several months and includes:

  • Teamwork = Teams that Work! Relationships are the building blocks for teams. This introductory engagement utilizes the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator and related team building activities to better acquaint team members with each other and to develop a deep appreciation for the value of cohesive teams.
  • Passion and Purpose! In this second engagement, we assist participants in identifying their purpose and passion in four inter-related areas: personal relationships, community, self, and work. Excelling at a peak level in each of these four areas of life has a positive effect on the other three. Self-actualized people are happier, more content, and able to contribute at a higher level.
  • Clifton Strengths Assessment, Identification and Coaching. For teams to reach their potential, it is essential that they play to the strengths of individual members. We utilize the Clifton Strengths assessment to identify the unique, innate, dominant strengths of each team member. We then coach members individually on ways to utilize their strengths in their work as well as other areas of their lives.
  • Transforming Individual Strengths into Team Excellence. Through a variety of activities we will acquaint employees with the strengths each member brings to the team. We will also facilitate a discussion on ways the work of the team can best be accomplished if tasks and responsibilities flow to the person with the strengths ideally equipped to handle them.

Depending upon the needs of individual clients we may recommend the inclusion of the DISC assessment.